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Greatings fine traveller! It appears that you are lost and must have fallen through a faery circle. I do not remember how or why I am here, all I know is that I must revive the old legends in a way only I can achieve, drawing them of course!

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Ambrux's News

Posted by Ambrux - February 25th, 2021

The motivation is gone! All of these cool ideas. Gone. So I've decided I'm going to do something easier. I'm going to try to draw every single day and post it here in the evening. If I miss a day then I've either:



•was busy


•somehow done something so I physically can't do the drawing (e.g. accidentally opened a portal which swallowed up my table and wouldn't give it back for 2 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours, 28 minutes and 13 seconds)



•quiche ate it before I could take a picture



Posted by Ambrux - December 31st, 2020

So a select few of you may be familiar with my monster hunter obsession and know the lengths of which I will go to show my enthusiasm. So I have decided on a very ambitious project (especially for someone who can't draw people). I am going to attempt to redraw a large amount of the armour (particularly the female ones since they really get on my nerves). This mainly involves making every armour in the game cover most of, if not all of the face unless it wouldn't make sense to (I have a giant pet peeve against armour that show faces and the female category is just riddled with them). If I get particularly ambitious I might try redesigning some weapons since the newer ones seem to have lost the charm of the older ones, they mostly just look like you stuck a piece of the monster on a basic weapon and called it a day. I also feel that it kind of let's the game down since some amazing monsters often have terrible looking armour. I have recently noticed (since I just got iceborne about a week ago) that the new ones released (I can't remember their names) look so much better than the originals! I probably won't change most of them that much since I'll be working from the basic foundations that they lay out but I will try my best!

P.S. I'm not claiming that I can do a better job than the professionals, I'm just attempting to have a go at designing them to my taste


Posted by Ambrux - December 24th, 2020

So I've had a few people ask me what my favourite mythical creature is and why so I decided to tell you all. Leshens. I live and breathe leshens. I just love the concept of the guardian of the forest, especially when you have to turn your clothes inside out to please them!


Posted by Ambrux - July 7th, 2020

So I was recently out of town and decided to go to an animal sanctuary I'd heard quite a lot about (I'm not going to give out any names for obvious reasons). When I went I was looking at one of the bird enclosures and noticed a few eggs lying unattended on the floor which was really bad because it was too cold for them and the particular rescue didn't look after any eggs. So I asked them if I could take them since they weren't going to do anything with them anyway which they let me do. So now I have a pigeon and a quail egg in a homemade incubator in my spare room. They're only a few days old so I can't tell if they're fertile or not but I'm really hoping they are. Just decided to share this since it is my first real rescue attempt and I am so happy that nobody in my family will dare utter the word "egg" for quite a while.

So far we're on day 3 of incubation and I think I'm starting to see a dark spot on the yolk, but it may just be wishful thinking. I will keep you guys updated:

Update: this morning I candeled the pigeon egg and I think I might be starting to see blood vessels. Then again I just woke up and my eyes are stil stinging so I am probably wrong.

Update: last night I candled them again and I can see a single small red line in the centre of the yolk and I have no idea what it is. I know it's something to do with blood but I've never seen any pictures like it before.

Update: they didn't make it sadly



Posted by Ambrux - April 28th, 2020

I'm still alive guys I've just got really bad art block so I haven't been posting much, if anything does happen I will personally draw a spooky picture and post it here to get the message across (ghosts aren't very talkative).

I hope you're all doing well and nobody has resorted to cow tipping for entertainment, stay chill guys!


Posted by Ambrux - April 13th, 2020

We all know that fox hunting is illegal and should be kept that way. Right?

Well due to Boris Johnson becoming prime minister there's a possibility they might become legal.

Sadly, there are many ways hunters can bypass the current laws in order to take part in this treacherous act.

For a more in depth explanation watch this video:


If you are against this then you should help fight it!!!

If you ever see a fox hunt in action, record it. If a fox does get attacked then you have the proof that it wasn't an accident and you should take it to the authorities immediately!!!

If possible and you believe you can then go out there and stop it!!! You could be saving a fox's life!!!

As you saw in my last post, I'm not part of anything like PETA and I'm not big on politics but I seriously do not like where this law is going and I'm sure lots of you will agree. How can someone actively hunt and kill foxes yet not be overwhelmed with guilt?



Posted by Ambrux - April 4th, 2020

I don't work for PETA or anything and to be honest I don't think they're doing a good job at what they're trying to do but hear me out for a second.

I'm sure many of you have heard of fur farms and I'm sure many of you agree that it is unethical. I recently got the shock of my life when I found out that fur farms aren't illegal and I think we should sort it out. I'm talking more specifically about farming foxes, minks and rabbits.

There are a lot of misconceptions about fur farming including one that many believe, the animals are not skinned alive and are actually usually electrocuted (which I'm pretty sure is mainly painless). On some farms they are gassed which is as horrific as it sounds, but luckily it isn't very common.

However, the conditions these animals live in look like what you might expect from some kind of historical documentary looking back on our cruel ancestors. That's what you would think if they were people. Just because they're animals doesn't mean that they don't have rights, which it is illegal to take from them. So tell me, why is it suddenly okay to do it to "vermin" and "pests"?

When I'm old enough, I'm going to try my best to fix this and hopefully make fur farms illegal.

If you want to do the same, a good place to start is to stop buying natural fur. This includes natural lashes and many unexpected things.

As I said, I'm not into politics or controversial animal rights activists who don't know what they're doing, but this is something we need to change.

For fox sake (pun intended).

There are some great shelters out there who are trying their hardest to save lives like these, but they can't do it without support.

I've linked the YouTube channel for SAVEAFOX below and it would be a great help if you could check it out:




Posted by Ambrux - March 23rd, 2020

So as some of you may know I recently had back surgery which means I can't bend over very well. This has gotten me into a little bit of trouble due to a recent project I'm working on. I ordered some knock off chemion glasses and was part way through taking them apart to put into a paintball mask for a riot cosplay when I realised my non existent finger nails couldn't quite pry open a panel on the side. This didn't seem like much of an issue to me so I went to go get a knife. I chose a cheese knife since it was the smallest and went back to work only to realise that it was TOO GODDAMN THICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I thought about it for a while and decided to use some sculpting knives (the smallest knives I own) which were under my bed, to open it. Key words under my bed!!!!

You see, I couldn't just ask someone to get them for my. There's no way they would come back alive from that labyrinth even if they did find them. So I started squatting like it was leg day to try and reach the box, which I did by some miracle. So I started pulling. Then it dawned on me. The surgery had made me about as strong as my yellow paint (it's not very strong). So here I am, starring at a warzone on my desk, contemplating existence itself.

Oh and did I mention that I dropped one of the screws onto my stainless hardwood floor. Hardwood floors that haven't been stained have lots of visible knots making it stupidly hard to find anything you drop.

So can I get an F in the chat for that one screw and thanks for getting this far into my vent essay, it's much appreciated.

Edit: turns out if you smack the glasses against your desk hard enough the panels come out.


Posted by Ambrux - March 20th, 2020

So I'm sure you are all aware of the Coronavirus, if not then go back under your rock Patrick. And I'm just wanting to remind you all not to go out like absolute idiots into places with full on quarantine or anywhere that you are at risk without a valid reason. That includes going to the shop for "essentials" that are really just an excuse so you can go outside and try and act cool. If you need to go outside then try and get a face mask!!!!! But you probably don't have to bother with gloves if you've got soap and water on hand. And no Coronavirus isn't some kind of conspiracy you neckbeards.

In short just don't do anything stupid guys.

I recommend the Coronavirus prevention animation for what to do:


Posted by Ambrux - March 9th, 2020

In a few days I'm going into hospital for a week maximum and I don't think the wifi is too great and my arms probably won't work very well so I probably won't be able to upload anything. I'm not saying this for pity since it was my decision I'm just saying so you don't think I've just stop coming on newgrounds or anything. I feel like a bad owner because Quiche is really going to miss me.