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I am an artist who may not be very good at the moment but I'm determined to improve and become the very best like no one ever was. My first priority is to find a style. Quiche is my dog by the way since I get lots of questions and yes she is real.

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Drawing weird stuff


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Ambrux's News

Posted by Ambrux - 8 days ago

I'm probably not going to be able to upload anything for around a week since I'm going on holiday again. If there is wifi it'll probably suck so I'm not getting my hopes up.......


Posted by Ambrux - 2 weeks ago

Ya ever get angry at your drawing software for doing something stupid. I SURE DO! I sat drawing a person for 3 hours and then my phone decided to delete for no reason (it didn't warn me or anything it was just gone) and because it was a person I'll never be able to draw it again as good as I did. This has happened twice now so instead I've decided to start using ibis paint but sketch will forever stay with us. I'm definitely going back to sketch if it fixes. But anyway this is the exact reason why I haven't uploaded anything in almost a week (maybe more). Don't blame me blame sketch and no I'm not just an artist blaming their tools I have an actual reason for it (well technically I am but that's not the point). I hope you enjoyed my vent essay.


Posted by Ambrux - 1 month ago

I was going to design a monster and I was wondering what the general public likes so that I could make one that is half decent for a change. It would be really helpful if you commented what you like so I can add it to the design. Thanks to anyone who comments.


Posted by Ambrux - November 21st, 2019

So I am currently off school with the flu but I'm too sick to actually draw. Last night I actually slept for more then two hours and I had some pretty wacky dreams (loads of lucid dreams). One of said dreams I drew some really cool stuff and posted it on here. I just came online again to check on if you guys liked them and they weren't here..... I should go back to sleep.....


Posted by Ambrux - October 26th, 2019

Although it may seem like I have, I have not been abducted by aliens. I have been on holiday for a week. Due to this, I'm going to upload a butt ton of stuff in a short amount of time since I've done loads of drawings lately.

Posted by Ambrux - October 15th, 2019

I get that no one reads these or anything but I've got some pretty cool guys that need a bit of a following. The first one is sandgrown, he may be only around an our old on here but he needs support, he's so good. The other is swoizy and he first brought me here and I destroyed him, but he also needs a bit of a following. These guys are both close friends so I think you should follow them in the name of F R I E N D S H I P!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Ambrux - October 12th, 2019

As a few of you may know, I can do similar things to present mic so I thought, "well why not master the voice" so now I'm on duoling learning Spanish going by the ambrux and on Smule going by the name ambrux7. If you want to join in my magical journey then you can follow me on there, but it's not for the faint of heart. By the way dextagethood, if you go on Smule, you'll finally realise why I won't be a voice actor. I'm hopeless. By far the best song was chandelier.


Posted by Ambrux - September 8th, 2019

Despite what it looks like, I am not dead. I wish I could upload however I have encountered a glitch in reality which leaves me stuck in social situations (very similar to hell for me). This glitch has been correctly identified as school. There is currently no way to stop this glitch except from persevering through the suffering until you have a high enough play time to start paying taxes. There is however a mini glitch where you still have school after you start paying taxes, this is called university. This "game of life" sucks. So does high school. So does everything. Except Skyrim, Skyrim is amazing.



Posted by Ambrux - August 28th, 2019

In case anyone from Pokémon mega has managed to find me here, don't think I've abandoned the guild. I just went back online again to do some more donations and training since it wasn't working at first but when I went online it just showed me the character creation screen. Yes, I am an idiot and forgot to backup my account but now I won't be able to since it's broken. In case you were wondering, yes you can now attack me and use my account for easy exp and rankings, it won't bother me. If anything, it means that I will still be contributing to the guild. Wouldn't it be great if it didn't break. Even if it did still break it would be nice to get a warning so that I can donate all my Pokémon to everyone, this includes my dragons but I'd hope you'd look after them.


Posted by Ambrux - August 13th, 2019

I'm very sorry for anyone who I'm supposed to be making drawings for but I'm kind of going through tons of stuff and I am struggling to find time to do much. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.