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The early rescuer catches the bird

Posted by Ambrux - July 7th, 2020

So I was recently out of town and decided to go to an animal sanctuary I'd heard quite a lot about (I'm not going to give out any names for obvious reasons). When I went I was looking at one of the bird enclosures and noticed a few eggs lying unattended on the floor which was really bad because it was too cold for them and the particular rescue didn't look after any eggs. So I asked them if I could take them since they weren't going to do anything with them anyway which they let me do. So now I have a pigeon and a quail egg in a homemade incubator in my spare room. They're only a few days old so I can't tell if they're fertile or not but I'm really hoping they are. Just decided to share this since it is my first real rescue attempt and I am so happy that nobody in my family will dare utter the word "egg" for quite a while.

So far we're on day 3 of incubation and I think I'm starting to see a dark spot on the yolk, but it may just be wishful thinking. I will keep you guys updated:

Update: this morning I candeled the pigeon egg and I think I might be starting to see blood vessels. Then again I just woke up and my eyes are stil stinging so I am probably wrong.

Update: last night I candled them again and I can see a single small red line in the centre of the yolk and I have no idea what it is. I know it's something to do with blood but I've never seen any pictures like it before.

Update: they didn't make it sadly



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Best of luck then!

Thank you, I'll try my hardest and hopefully quiche will have some new friends

In memory of them I've started growing a mango tree