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This just proves my point that there's always a high chance an animation you find on youtube is probably on newgrounds too.

Damn I love those designs

I've been watching these on youtube and I was wondering when they would show up on here

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This game really calls to me. I had a dream about this once and never really questioned if it actually existed or not. We'll it does and it is literally a dream come true.
I love everything about this game and I'm incredibly addicted to it.

Very laggy but cool idea

now I can make all of my fan fiction dreams come true. the skydiving tails and knuckles

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Ok now this is something else

This is just what I needed right now

Jeez that's some heavy subject matter you've got going on there. Everyone always forgets the tribes losing their homes and instead think of a few frogs and maybe a parrot or two. People say that they want to stop this but they aren't doing anything or are even doing it themselves, sounds pretty hypocritical to me. It's time we get some real change going on in her! Wow that was real deep for me. Great song though!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you~

I'm hoping that those who hear it might pass it on and call for that change somehow; I don't know how it is to come about against powerful people who block any sort of relief for these tribes, our brethren. That being said however, I imagine they want people like us to give up on this sort of thing; I don't want us to give up.

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Sadly I am not from San Francisco but I'm a huge watchdogs 2 and big hero 6 fan so that's good enough......maybe......

I know quite a few people who wouldn't hesitate to rip this guy limb from limb for lunch

I was today years old when I realized how awesome all of your guys would be as BBEGs in dnd

Greatings fine traveller! It appears that you are lost and must have fallen through a faery circle. I do not remember how or why I am here, all I know is that I must revive the old legends in a way only I can achieve, drawing them of course!

Speaking to pigeons

Good ol' Britain

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